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Maintenance Plans

Ensures the Optimal Service Life and Warranty

Coverage for Your Investment

           Air Cooled          Liquid Cooled up to 60 KW


 Basic        -    1 visit per year                                          $ 225.00     $ 375.00 

Standard   -   2 visits per year  ( Spring & Fall )                  $ 300.00     $ 425.00

Premium   -   4 visits per year  (1 every 3 months)             $ 475.00     $ 550.00

On call     -   Customer calls for service as needed          $ Time, Travel & Materials


Included in Maintenance Plans














“R” Panel Certified

“H” Panel Certified

Protector Series Diesel  Certified

Warranty certified   7Kw thru 150Kw

Portable Generator Repairs  ( all Brands )

We also Service / Repair all  makes of Standby Generators


*** Other repairs or defective parts discovered during maintenance will be brought to customers attention before replacement or repair and will be charged additionally. Maintenance Plan Customers receive 5% for Basic and 10% for Premium Plans off any additional parts not covered under maintenance plans.






Manufacturers Extended Warranty


All Air cooled

except  Core Power, Eco Gen and Synergy

5 Year Extended Warranty

$ 495.00


7 Year Extended Warranty

Evolution controller only

$  695.00

10 Year Extended Warranty

Evolution controller only

$  995.00



5 Year Extended Warranty

 Liquid Cooled  22-60 KW

$ 695.00


Liquid Cooled  70– 150 KW

$ 995.00



           Check oil Level                                    

           Change oil  ( Synthetic )                      

           Replace oil filter                                           

           Replace air filter                                  

           Replace spark plugs                            

           Check and adjust valves                      

           Check exhaust system                        

           Check battery condition                                

           Clean battery terminals                       


Generator and Enclosure:

           Inspect, clean and wax enclosure       

           Inspect fuel line and connections       

           Check cooling air flow                          

           Check pad foundation                                             Check for leaks                                    

           Start and run unit                                 

           Check output Voltage                           

           Check output frequency                       

           Check battery charger output             

Transfer switch:

           Check electrical connections    

           Check transfer  switch fuses   

           Perform simulated outage

              to test automatic operation 


Included Maintenance parts:

           Oil filter

           Air filter

           Oil   ( synthetic )

           Spark Plugs






Please call us for any questions concerning  Maintenance Plans or to receive more information